Brief History of the Frankston Baptist Church (Full Blessing)

The history of the Frankston Baptist Church goes back to 1952. By that  year several Baptist families had come to reside in the Frankston  district and a meeting of seven people representative of those  interested in the formation of a Baptist Fellowship was held on 22nd  October, 1952 with Rev. J. Manning, Superintendent of the Baptist Home  Mission Society. At this meeting it was decided to immediately commence a  weeknight gathering for Bible Study & Prayer, followed on 10th May,  1953 by the inaugural Sunday morning service held in the R.S.L. Hall,  Thompson Street, Frankston. Thus the Frankston Baptist Church was  established and subsequently constituted in 1957 with 48 members.     


During  this early period the present land in Yuille Street was purchased,  followed by the construction of a new church building, which was opened  in 1958 and a manse. Rev. Adam Clarke was inducted as the church’s first  Minister, followed by Rev. J.J. English in 1960.  

During the  first two decades of the church’s life, in addition to growing as a  fellowship, help was given to start and/or support several churches in  the area – Rosebud Baptist, Dandenong Baptist, Mornington Baptist (now  New Peninsula Baptist), Frankston Forest Baptist, Hastings Baptist and  Korumburra Baptist churches.

Rev R.R. (Bob) Payne was inducted as  pastor in February, 1966 and so began a period of relocation and  renewal. In December 1969, following the pastor’s “Presentation of a  Vision” outlining the prospect of relocation from Yuille Street to  acreage on the city’s outskirts, the decision was made by the church  fellowship to sell the Yuille Street property and relocate to 12 acres  in Robinsons Road, Frankston.   During  the early 1970’s development of the Robinsons Road property started  with the construction of a double unit pre-school in which church  services were initially held. The non-profit company known as the  Frankston Baptist Centre was incorporated in 1973 and construction of  the Manning Village was the first stage of the retirement village, with  the first residents moving in in 1974. This village was the first and  prototype Resident-Funded Retirement Village in Australia. A period  of expansion followed on the Robinsons Road site, with the extension of  Manning Village, the construction of the Grant Hostel (with church  services being held in the chapel there) and the purchase of the  adjoining 30 acres on which was built the Adam Clarke Village. Also  established were a Nursing Home, a school in Stotts Lane (Full Blessing  College), an Opportunity Shop and interstate ventures were also entered  into at Wodonga, Monarto (Murray Bridge), Merimna (Nerang), Sydney and  Southport. 

However,  all this was to come to a crashing halt as, in 1985 at a time of  world-wide recession, the Commonwealth Bank withdrew its support, which  put the Centre in serious financial difficulty, and the church was  expelled from the Robinsons Road property. It was a time of great  upheaval and devastation, but the Lord gives and the Lord takes away. The  subsequent history of the retirement village is another story, but  suffice it to say that it is still thriving as the Village Baxter as a  testament to God’s provision and to Rev. Bob Payne’s God-given vision. Also  the school that was begun eventually ended up as Flinders College and  today is a significant Christian School in the Peninsula area. Going  back to the history of the church itself, in 1971, following Rev. Payne  and his wife Alison attending a Mid-America Renewal Conference at Lake  Windermere, Missouri during which they were both baptized in the Holy  Spirit, this subsequently led to the Frankston Baptist Church becoming  the First Baptist Church in Australia to be “fully charismatic”, which  caused considerable controversy within the denomination – as well as  within the membership itself, resulting in several of the leaders  leaving the church.   In  1980 the decision was made to change the name of the church to the  “Full Blessing Church”, as it was felt that this name would be more  inclusive and descriptive of the life and expression of the Church and  also more inviting to people in the wider church and non-church  population.  After  the collapse of the Frankston Baptist Centre, the remnant of the church  continued meeting on the 9th floor of the Peninsula Centre building in  Frankston and gradually re-established as a fellowship.  The  church became an incorporated body in 1988 and purchased the original  church and manse in Yuille Street to which it re-located. The church  building was extensively renovated in 1995. Much  has happened since then but more recently we have changed our name back  to FRANKSTON BAPTIST CHURCH and we have called Rev. David Mitchelmore  to be our official minister after serving as our interim minister since  March 2014. Much has taken place and with God leading us much is still  to take place. May we follow and serve Him faithfully.    


Since  1991 the Full Blessing Church has been pastored by Rev. John Blacker,  Pastor Norm Campbell, Pastor Merv Vose, Rev. Gordon Symons (interim),  Rev. Bob Payne (again, for 8 years), Pastor Paul Longfield and its  present pastor Rev. David Mitchelmore. In May, 2016 the fellowship  voted to change its name to the “Frankston Baptist Church - Full  Blessing”. It is a small fellowship which some may consider  insignificant after the significant influence the church has had in the  past, but God has honoured His church and His people and protected them  through all the ups and downs of the past. We firmly believe that God is  doing new things in our midst and that “more of the best  is yet to come”.  

We are:

Christian            - in the Evangelical sense

Fundamental    - in Theology 

Baptistic            - in Tradition and   Government       

Charismatic     - in Expression and Practice        

Missionary       - in Outlook  

Biblical              - in Principle Compassionate - in Service

We are:         Committed to pursuing the “Unity of the Spirit” between all  elements of the Christian Church within our City (John 17:21 and Eph.  4:3).  

We are:        Mutually loving and supportive

                      Friendly and encouraging to visitors

                     “Light” and “Salt” in the Community  

                    COME AND BE BLESSED

 Frankston Baptist Church

 56 Yuille Street, Frankston

 0414 795 398